March 18th, 2005


Friend's Calendar

Problem solved. Thanks again kunzite1!!

I'd like my Friend's Entry View Calendar component to read their user name's Calendar. I'm thinking about sticking something like $ in set calendar_text="";. Am I going about this the right way? Please advice
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A few things:

I used to have a header inside a component so that it would be beside my components and not on top of everything, but now that I've gotten rid of it, i still have some weird line thing left over from it and I'm not sure how to get rid of it.

Also, there's an unusually large space inbetween my text box and components, how do I fix that?

Also, how do I get my Memories icon next to my comments link like rosette? I couldnt find that in the tutorials.

And how do I change the width of my Components(not the whole layout)? Is that in the shrinking and centering tutorial?

sorry! I'm just full of problems!

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Stupid question time! I almost hate to ask because I'm sure it's going to be something simple I've missed and I'll get beat with a wet noodle or something equally horrid but...

My journal is exactly how I want it, but on my recent entries page, when I go to reply to a comment someone has left, the comment entry box stretches my layout and brings up the hated scrollbar on the bottom of the explorer window.

Playing with random values only serves to annoy my layout and make it look awful, so I'm obviously missing the right thing to do.
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I've look through the tutorials and I cant find the entire code to get my scroll bar a certain color and mini scroll bars for my favourite music, etc. Please just point me in the right direction.

Also... is it possible to get a customized cursor (not one lj offers you) on component?