March 19th, 2005

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Silly colour question ...


I'm hoping you can help me, because it seems like really simple thing (I'm so hopeless at this stuff, though!)

I'm having a play around with my colour scheme, and right now it's blacks and pinks. I've got black as the page and component background, and have sorted out all the text so that it's visible, but I've got one problem ...

... When I click on a menu, such as selecting a user picture, I can't see what the selection is as everything is black. I can only read what's in the selection when I highlight each option individually. Is there anyway to change the text colour or the background colour for this menu? I seem totally imcapable of solving this :o(

Thanks in advance! :o)

Three tutorial questions

Status Update: solved 3 of 3 Thank you!

In using THIS handy code to customize the look/style of journal entries the border line at the bottom of the entry-header thickened quite a bit - just simply by adding the code from the tutorial directly. I have since modified the code a little bit, but I can't see where the thickening of that line is coming from (so I can thin it down again). Solved One down.

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Mraz and Me

(no subject)

Ok. I am going INSANE here. I have been looking for this all morning and I can't find it anywhere. I apologize in advance if there is a simple tutorial that I am overlooking. You have my permission to point and laught at me if there is.

I want to make my components smaller and my entries bigger. I want the whole table to stay the same size. I tried using this style but nothing changed for me at all.

Please help!
Ninja Monkeys

forward/back URL variables in links component?

I'm trying to write the backward/forward links into my links component by hand, but I can't get the URL variables right. I keep getting the errors: Can't find member 'backward_url' in Page and Can't find member 'forward_url' in Page. So, obviously, that's not how to do it.

I know it's a simple fix, and hopefully it's a useful function for others who hope to reproduce these links in their own way! :-P

talons - mine


I know this is such a dumb question but im totally clueless on how to cutomize my component layout. I was just wondering on how i could put a background image into my layout. i hope you guys would be able to help me. thank you very much
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Many glens

Moving lock icon

I seem to recall mention of this, but can't find it in any of the tutorials or via searching. :)

My friends-locked icon is currently displaying Collapse )

... which is adding unwanted width to the entry header. Is it possible to move the icon down to the same line level as the date / time?

Many thanks for any assistance!
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So, yeah. I just put up component up, and there a few things i'd like to change, though everytime i try to add something to the override it has errors and such, and i'm just scared to ruin what i already built. So - these are the things i'd like to change -
1. Have everything squared instead of rounded (i managed to get my actual enteries squared, but how do i get the profile too?)
2. Make that box with the text above my enteries disappear.
3. Costumize my links (just the hover part, so that it'll change the cursor to default and have an underline)
4. I'm not sure if this is due-able, but is there a way to shrink the profile (and everything under it)? Width-wise i mean.
5. Have my profile box like ballroom's. I dunno how to costumize it like that.

I'm sorry if that's alot, i guess i'm asking for alot here, so any help would be appreciated! :D

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Mraz and Me

Much love

I absolutely LOVE this community. I have found everything I was looking for here. I just copied and pasted the tutorials and voila! I still don't know what in the hell I am doing, but at least my layout looks good.


One question (you knew it was coming!)...
I am used to working in S1, and in the custom styles you can work on a style but not have it display on your journal. How can I do this in S2? I would like to start on another layout using Opal, but I would like to keep my journal looking the way it does now until I get that style done.