March 21st, 2005


Transparncey Related

Okay so I've recently made my journal semi-transparent, and I really like how it looks.
But what I don't like is how it makes all the images semi transparent, I've been messing around w/ it for a while now and I think I've found something. but I have NO clue how to go about doing what it is i'm trying to do.

If you look at my journal my "favorite" components have imags of DVD's, books, music ect. Well they are not at all transparent.

I think this is because they are in a table, being that it's nested in the table the style elements don't apply to it....I tried just putting my images in a table in the actual entery but that didn't work

SO what I would like to do is put table in my entries through the S2 theme for my journal basicly every entery will be in a table but I'm at a compleate loss at what to do

I looked at the editing entries post and was very confused so if someone could simply explain how I would go about doing this so I can test my theroy it would be appreacated.
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s2 - a breakdown tutorial for newbies

an s2 programming crash course, by _tumblweed.

I've seen a number of the same requests over the past month or so here, and decided that I'd follow kunzite1 and panda_cookie's leads and offer a small crash course in some basic s2 programming.  This tutorial will assume that you've read both the basic users guide and the idiot's guide, and will just serve to further clarify where certain codes go and why they are written a certain way.  If you start to read this and are utterly lost, also please check out skybound2's newbie's page.

This tutorial is not meant to give you code you plug in.  It's meant to teach you what to look for in the code so that you can edit the existing tutorials to suit your own needs.  Reading this document will teach you, if you have a little perserverence, to a) have both a header and a background image, b) change to a navigation component, c) change the scrollbar colors (IE ONLY), d) move page elements around, e) edit the hells out of everything.  However, I make no promises that you won't seriously screw up your layout by playing around.  I recommend backing up your code onto your harddrive first.  I also recommend playing around with a test journal rather than your own.

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re: top banners and wallpapers (background images)

Hi. Is there really no way to have a repeating background image as a journal’s wallpaper and, at the same time, a non-repeating background image as the journal’s top banner? I’ve gone through the tutorials and memories, even ran a search using that nifty engine at the right, so I know this has been brought up before. But my problem is a bit different...Collapse )

EDIT, 032205, 2.23a WOOHOO! It's all fixed now! Greatness! Thanks to _tumblweed and kunzite1! I was right, I was looking at the wrong tutorials all along...Hee! ^_^
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