March 22nd, 2005

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is there any way to do an image map on a component style layout?

and if there is, do I just replace the code I have for my header with the image map code?

thank you <3

nevermind, i figured it out. thank you!

Page Stretching and Scrollbar issue - only on most recent entries page though...

I am so incredibly sorry to bother you all again, as I only posted this query a few days ago - but I'm still stuck!!

I took advice offered here, after explaining my dilemma, which was to put pictures that may be causing page stretching behind a cut.

I have recently just helped my friend out - violentnitemare - to get her journal looking spiffy!!

The problem is still the same though - there is a huge scrollbar along the bottom of the page, stretching everything.

I took the advice offered here, and I have put every picture on that first page behind a cut, I checked every entry on that page, to make sure the auto format was on - it is - and I checked the overrides again (layers) and the width is correct.

I am still so very stumped!! One thing I have noticed though, which is, this page stretching and scroll bar are only occuring on the first page, the most recent entries - when I went back through her entries - 20 at a time - this problem is not happening. Can anybody solve this dilemma? I'm so stuck, I have tried everything, and as I mentioned before, I am trying very hard to learn more html and spreadsheets, but I'm so not getting what I've done wrong here!!!

Here are the codes again, in case they may be needed?

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Thank you to anyone that can clue me in to what on earth I'm doing so wrong!! I will be so grateful!! Thank you for your time.