March 23rd, 2005

me- montana

3 Questions.

I've looked through the tutorials and the FAQ but I can't find answers to any of these questions. So here goes.

1. I am getting an error that is as follows:
Compile error: : Unexpected end of file. Unclosed string literal?
S2::NodeTerm, S2/, 318
S2::NodeIncExpr, S2/, 41
S2::NodeUnaryExpr, S2/, 40
S2::NodeProduct, S2/, 28
S2::NodeSum, S2/, 31
S2::NodeRelExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeEqExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeLogAndExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeLogOrExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeRange, S2/, 29
S2::NodeCondExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeAssignExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodeExpr, S2/, 29
S2::NodePrintStmt, S2/, 48
S2::NodeStmt, S2/, 35
S2::NodeStmtBlock, S2/, 42
S2::NodeFunction, S2/, 104
S2::Layer, S2/, 58
S2::Compiler, S2/, 27

I got it after I tried to add an additional component with HTML.
I can't figure out what the hell it means.

2. As soon as I added and centered my header image, even though my width was set on 50%, the boxes expand over the whole page. How can I fix this?

3. Is there any way to set the subjects between the links, like this:

Thanks so much!
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