March 24th, 2005

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I used the tutorial to add a freefind search box to my community everything_lj. The problem I am having is with the date. I put in the URL exactly as it is in the tutorial, but I changed the community name. Now every result I get in the search is from October of 2003. Is there a way to fix this?
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ahhh!! this isn't working..

hello..umm i am new here..i just joined this community because i was getting sort of bored with the generator s1 style so i thought i would switch over to s2 and try component..but i have a problem..when i clicked s2 and i checked the styles there was no component there! OH NO! what happened?? help please!
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hey, I have a couple of questions for ya'all :)
I've spent the last day learning how to use s2 and all of these codes for component and I think my journal looks pretty spiffy now ^_^ so thanks for the tutorials!

BUT! I was wondering whether someone could explain to me if (and how) I could remove the avatars from my friends view? they kind of make the page look ugly.

also, on a picky note.

I was wondering whether there was a way to change the from my mini-calendar.... the prettier, smaller from the "previous" link?

cause I wanted them to match >_>
......I know. I'm lame.
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Send Help Please *smiles*

I looked through the tutorials and went far back but I know I am missing this simple stuff somewhere. I am sorry to repeat I just dont see this anywhere :p

*How do you make your component boxes square - and not round. This is something new I have seen.

*How do you get rid of the journal title "header" under my real "header"

*How do I get there to be a header underneath the header like this jounral kirabutler

*How do I get the component boxes to have a background like on this journal kirabutler // it might be transparent but looks like the component boxes have a background ??

Sorry to bother everyone. This looks like all the Questions for now :p Please Help !!!
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I've been working on my layout for the past couple of days, and it's almost perfect except that my added components (music picks, book picks, dvd picks) appear below my entries rather than next to them. Can someone help me?

Here's my code: Collapse )

Many thanks!
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Problems viewing my lj in other browsers

I've been working on my layout all day at work on my Windows computer and I got home and realized that it looks really bad in all of the browsers on my Mac. I've never had layouts that looked different to different browsers, so I'm at a loss at what to do.

In Safari the bar with the date only goes halfway across the screen. On the friends page for Safari the username and community name are to the right of the user icon and it overlaps the subject for the entry, or the first line in the entry. On the friends page in Firefox the username and community name are underneath the user icon, but both the heading and the first couple lines of the entry overlap the icon a little bit. It even looks a little screwie in IE on my Mac, with the text overlapping the icon a bit.

If anyone can give me any tips, it would be greatly appreciated.


So I've been messing with my css codes and have made some progress, but I still need to get the username and community names underneath the user icon instead of beside it. Help?
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