March 25th, 2005

customizing entries in friends view

I've been using the customized entries tutorial, which worked great. I've successfully adjusted it to my liking in the recent view. My question concerns the layout in friends view. I've of course tried fiddling around with it myself first, as I don't want to waste anyone's time.

I'd like the friends view to have the userpic, username, and entry in that order all centered, as opposed to the userpic and username on the left of the entry. I can't figure out where in the code I change the layout of the friend entry boxes. Thanks in advance.

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several colour themes


I need help in locating how to add different colour themes. I have seen it on other component using LJs. When you get to an LJ you as the reader can choose between different colour themes of a journal.

Anyone know where to find the code for this?
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Help Please!

Could someone please help me? I just recently bought a paid account. My layout is almost exactly what I want it to look like, except for a few things. If anyone could help me, one on one, I'd really appreciate it. I've read and tried to follow a bunch of tutorials from this community, but I still don't really understand. It's like a totally different language to me. If possible, I'd like someone to explain it the following to me, and be very specific about it:

1. Changing cursors. I'd like to change my cursor to an image, like babylove74 has. I have the overrides for it, but when I put the codes in my layer, but it doesn't work. I think you need to use print_custom_head, which I've tried before, but can never get it to work. The tutorials on it haven't helped me yet...I'm so confused.

2. Page transitions. I have HTML Codes/Overrides for them, but are they different with S2? And where do I put them?

3. Insert cute little locks and hearts for my entries instead of the boring LJ ones. Image hosted by I couldn't figure out how to do this with S1, so I have no freaking clue how one would go about putting it in S2. Grrrr.

If you need to see my overrides, I can provide them, but I'd rather do that through email. My email is Thank you!
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Control Panel

Ok another question.

I would like to put the control panel in the top right free text box on my live journal. I tried to take the code that I had from my old layout that had components on both sides and use that but since I'm using the square components it doesn't seem to be working.

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I already have the variables declared for the control panel, I just need to know where to put the code for the control panel. I know the position on the right hand side that I want the control panel and have it in red.

I think a couple of variables may need to be changed, but I'm not sure what to change them to.

This is the code that I had in my old layout for the control panel:
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Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
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Background in Components

Ok, I asked this earlier but I still CAN not figure it out for the life of me. Checked the tutorials and etc. Sorry to be a complete bother. I am trying to put a background in my components. Just like the one with the User icon and maybe my journal entrie specf.

Can anyone tell me the exact code and where I would put it. Like, say for instance; I would the component that has my User Icon and Name and stuff to have a certain background where in the codes do I put the override and what is the override.

.compBg { background-image: url(""); }

^ this is what the last one said, but I copy and paste and its not working and I am not sure WHERE to put it ? Please can someone help !!!
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(no subject)

okay i'm sure someone has asked this before, but i've been looking into the tutorials about random userpics, and i was wondering if you can get a different user pic to come up with every entry instead of always having the same one on every single entry? I don't want it to be new every time the page is refreshed, i want there to be a different userpic on each separate entry...can anyone answer me this?? :-)