March 29th, 2005

domestically challenged (Jessica)

just need a little help

so i've combed through the memories and i really couldnt find what i'm looking for. and the thing is it might be so simple that i'm completly missing it, but if someone could point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it.
basically all i'm looking to do is to get a header image to show up above my entries, exactly like the header on crazy_perfume's journal. but no matter what i end up getting an image behind my text, but not above it. is there some sort of simple override that i'm just missing or what?

any help would be much apreciated!
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(no subject)

i did go through most of the entries to look for how to put an image above the components but found none. and also, how to fix the width of the tables.

help me?
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images in components

I really need help to try to figure this out, and maybe I'm blind but I can't seem to find a tutorial or memory on it... can anyone help?
If you look at my journal moviegirl21 you can see where I have a list of random quotes. I want to know how to put images between those quotes. help?
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Questions and Demands

I for one have been an active member of this community for a very long time. During my time here as of late all i see are the same questions being asked time and time again. I see members getting upset and mouthy because they don't recieve the answer they were looking for, or they get obnoxiously pissy because "they cant read" a tutorial. I speak for myself when i make this statement. We do this for free. Everyone needs help at some point in time, but demanding an answer or spamming other people with your questions will not help you. Saying the same thing time and time again gets tiresome. And pretty soon, I for one will stop answering those questions. There have been times when i had to read back to the very first posting week of this community just to find what i was looking for. There have been times i've went for weeks fixing a problem on my journal because "i had to know how to do it for myself". There have been times i had to sit for hours and hours to read others comments and posts before i could solve my own problem.

Now i must say to you all, we like helping, we like giving our knowledge to you and helping you learn. But if the demands for answers keep coming up, and failure to read the tutorials keeps occuring, you will not get an answer. Consider this just a heads up to those who refuse to figure things out, and expect someone to do it for them.

kunzite1 if this post is in the wrong please remove it. I just had to express my disgust and dissapointment on the subject.
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