April 6th, 2005

To the moon and back

Merging search functions

I have been trying to take some of the recently-posted nifty search revamps and combine them into something like Collapse )

with one common entry text box, and which uses radio buttons to determine the type of search (the LJ FAQ, Google, Google images, etc.). However, I've come up hard against the brick wall which is my lack of HTML knowledge and am hoping that someone here could create such a component ... ? *crosses fingers*

(And try not to giggle too overtly at my horrendous illustration, as it was done in some haste!) :)

Thank you all, once again!
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(no subject)

I need to fix the height of the title bar (i'm not sure if it is the right name), that line where the name of my journal appears.
Tail of small letter g in my journal title (le gazon) is being cut with default settings. (here you can see it gazon)
I found in tutorials that it can be fixed by getting rid of the title bar and overriding the print_my_entries function.
To my point of view it is too complicated way of fixing such a simple thing. Can anybody tell me if there is any other simpler way to fix it?
Thank you very much.
UPDT: done :) thank you!
Over glasses

Editing Profile Component question...

I managed to successfully edit the profile component - well, fiddly little things like defining the user name, etc. aside, but I got enough done to see that I did it right - only to find that it then moved my components to the right, and made all my fonts the default small size throughout.  (Don't look, though, because I've since reverted back to the original). Is there a way to keep that from happening, or do I have to just deal with the regular profile component in order to have my larger font size as well as having my components on the left?
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LJ user/community name (different page views) help

Hi again!
I know I was just here the other day, and believe me, if I could have cracked this one myself I would have, but I'm stumped.
Thus far everything I've done to my layout-in-progress has been fine on all pages (I like the consistency).

However, I was rearranging the lj user text links, and icon (put the icon inside my entry), and ran into a kink.
The icon inside works great, but (the code I'm modifying is basically cut and paste from the scrolling entry tutorial) the user links look funny.
Here's an image of what I'm talking about

The intention is to have my lj name (lovemelikemusic, obviously) at the bottom of the entry holder area on my "recent view" page, and then the name of the user, and community on the friends view. Unfortunately the only way I've been able to make that happen is to do the user & journal/community on my recent page too, and it looks tacky.

So this is what I would like (format-wise) for it to look like...

Recent View:
By: lovemelikemusic

Friends View:
By: slinkii @ 100x100_brushes

Hope that wasn't too confusing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance,