April 9th, 2005

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I'm having a hard time figuring out on how to add a header on top of the componet layout like crazichica I used the tutorial to figure out on how to get the componet style, but I havent found out on how to add a header at the top. I have no ovverrides for the layout I am using. I used the customuze<s2< and then did the componet style.

If someone could help me that be great.Maybe give me ovverides for it and tell me how to do it? Thank you

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Hi I'm deciding to go back to component and I swear I've looked through the tutorials like 5 times at the least and I cannot find the tutorial that says how to make the tips of your journal square. If someone could just tell me the section it's under.

Can I open all links in new window as a default?

Is there an override of some sort that will open links in an LJ in a new window by default?

I'm not talking about right clicking the link with the mouse pointer or adding html coding target="_blank"

Ideally for what I'm doing, any link including clicking a link to an LJ cut will open the page in a new window.

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Thanks in advance.
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Not really component related but does anyone know if they've come up with a way to fix the time in the comments so it shows the correct time based on your time zone instead of the default time?

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I'm sorry for this other question. I didn't look hard enough. Anyways I added in the tutorial for extra components and for some reason it's not coming up. I don't really know why either.
I got it now sorry. =/
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I would like all of my links uppercased, and I figured I knew how to do it, in the style sheet adding text-decoration: uppercase; and it's uppercasing SOME of my stuff but not all you can see on my lj _fcuk Also, I dont want my links to be underlined. Help would be great.