April 10th, 2005


smiley tutorial....

i have this tutorial in my style now but i was trying to do this tutorial with the smiley display panel or whatever u wanna call it in there ....anyways, NOTHING seems to be working. i keep getting error messages!, can anyone help me change this?

A few questions

My paid account is up in two days. I'm not going to have access to a credit card for like five. Will my layout vanish in two days?

Also I want to use a image, and make it to where you click on it, and it takes you to a specific link. Does anyone have that code? I haven't seen it on here.

Two other things i'm trying to do is move the bar on the top of my layout. Where it says like pals, info, etc. I've seen people have theirs on the side. What tutorial is that?

I wanted to change the way that the date, and time of my entrys look. Is there a tutorial for that on here too? I've looked, and nothing stuck out.

If someone can send me in the right direction, i'd love them <3