April 13th, 2005

S2 style

I just downloaded a component style from cherrystyle and I have no clue where to start... I have all the codes and no clue bout them... If someone could install this for me I have all the read me files I will send them to me... message me on yahoo kanikissu22000 or aim asterosurfer69
Thank you

date & time

can someone please take a look at my journal
if you can see how the time and date is formatted
i would like to put the Month & the Time on the same line
I'm having trouble coding it, does anyone have a code?

I'd like it to look like.....

April 26th, 2005 @ 2:35PM, as opposed to the way it is now

any help is appreciated, thanks!
[peeps]Dita - Femme Fatale.

Clueless...yup that's me.

I just downloaded a fantastic style at cherry-styles.com its the component 3?? I think you know the one that has parts were you can add in your pictures and such..thing is i'm useless with coding i really don't know where to begin...there are two sets of codes with the file i downloaded but basically when i've tried component its failed miserably i really really would appreciate any help/tips/hints?? Thanks a bunch in advance.
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