April 19th, 2005


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Oookay. First off I would like to say that this community has already helped me out alot. I just got my paid account today so I'm a complete Component virgin. I really need help with customizing the colors and whatnot, so if anyone has the patience to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!
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Dumb question....

I am primarily illiterate with all this, so if this has been asked before, don't mind me.

Can you use a GIF as a header pic?

Oh, and one more thing....

Being illiterate with this, would anybody with some spare time and a load of boredom be willing to, on a messenger perhaps, walk me through tweaking everything? (I'll pay you in music or in hard to find graphics....heh....). If so...lemme know....i'm desperate.

quick question....

is there any way i can put music on my journal using the component layout? i've tried numerous amounts of times but it seems like i'm not getting the coding right somehow... any ideas?

nevermind, i fixed the problem myself (;

Just A few Small Questions

I am *pretty* sure these questions are not in the tutorial section. If they are please bitch slap me...

Looking at this pretty lj = http://www.livejournal.com/users/naturellebella/

It *looks like squared components* if its not... refer to bitch slap comment.. And what kind of layout is it if its not comp... if it is comp...

I was curious as to how they...

1. Got the navigation links in the small component box like that? did she just recreate it completely? Confused a little...

2.Also how under her read & reply links she has a link picture (the quote thing) .. How do you get something under there?

3. The heart in her date?

4. Also saw someones calendar with circles around the dates..

Ty Ty for any help anybody can gimme!
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short headers in safari

Hi peeps, at kunzite1's suggestion to repost, here's my problem:

I'm having some trouble with how my layout looks in my mac's safari. It looks fine in mac's ie and mac's firefox but the headers are shortened in mac's safari.

this is what kunzite1 "diagnosed":
there are width issues in print_entry_header() that is making your entry headers wonky.
same type of issue in print_my_entries() for the header box.

any help will be much appreciated! thank you!