April 20th, 2005


a suggestion?

I have a suggestion. I think the revised & tweaked layout for this community is very user friendly (my compliments). But, I see how many people still don't read into the tutorials or look around the page much before asking the most common questions. I don't know if this suggestion will actually help that much in the end or not. The titles of the tutorials can only be so long (obviously). Maybe new folks aren't finding them descriptive enough upon first glance? I would offer the suggestion of creating an, "I am new to S2 and/or Component and I want to..." page?

The page could start something like this:

Just got a paid account?
New to the S2 style system?
New to the Component Layout?

and now you want know how to:

My thinking was that maybe the combination of a bit more plain English and then also actually outright verbializing the most common questions might help steer folks to the tutorials first before they post the same questions again and again...? Just a thought, trying to help...
Dear Diary...

Security icons, and user info/community icons.

I'm using the tutorial that changes the userinfo and community icons to a custom gif I made. However, they don't show up in my entries, just on my "Page Summary" as well as on my friends list entry headers, or in my comment headers, etc.

I was just wondering if this was correct, or if they should also show up in my entries, such as when I make an LJ user tag. IE: drunky_mcgee

If that code specifically doesn't do it, is there a way to do it? Or do I need to do it manually every time?

Also...When a post on my friends pages is filtered, it doesn't show any security icon, and makes it look as if the entry was a public post.

Is there a way to fix this?

I don't want to talk about something openly in comments or such, that was on a filtered entry , thinking it was a public one. Cause that would suck. =o/

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: kunzite1 has once again given me more reason to continue my quest to get him granted sainthood, or something close to it! Thanks kunzite1! =oD
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Looking for help

I was referred here by wherethewind__ over my pages not loading properly.

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I'd appreciate any help with this, if possible.

Thank you!

[ETA] I somehow fixed it, by copy pasting the whole thing over again and replacing all the colours and such again. I don't know how that's different than what I did before, but it worked. Thank you to everyone who tried to help!