April 22nd, 2005

happy feet!

login return?

I'm sorry, because I know I just saw the question a few days/weeks ago, but I was wondering how to make the login script return you to the journal you're looking at instead of LJ's login page.  I tried implementing kunzite1's suggestion of adding a return tag to the form action, but that doesn't work at all.  Any suggestions?  And again, I'm sorry if this should be commented to the previous post, but I can't actually find the previous post...

(no subject)

This doesn't exactly relate to Component, but I thought you guys may be able to help me anyway.
I'm looking for a site that lists 80x15 icons like this: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I had an icon site bookmarked but I recently lost my favorites so I've been unable to find the site again. If you know of any sites that offer these types of gifs, please let me know. thanks in advance.

Edit: Site found. URL in comments.

kunzite can you please help me!

i am still having a hard time trying to code my reply page so that i can get rid of my user picture and name when people reply, being that it stretches my page...& how can i make that reply box a bit smaller so it wont stretch out my component????

i give up on component.

Layout question

I'm looking for the layout tutorial that everyone was using a while back. The headers were very thin, the title component was removed. I know many people are using this tut...I just can't remember where to find it.

I don't have a paid account yet...I want to get all the tuts I need to make it look good before I pay.