April 23rd, 2005

Me - The Wolf

Shrinking the Comment Entry box

Alright, I just finished reading through all the comments on the Shrinking & Centering tutorial.  I also did about 10 different searches of this community with the nifty (and super-helpful) search jawn over there on the right.  So I feel like I won't be too much of a bonehead for asking this here.

I'm using the afore mentioned Shrinking & Centering code and it is fantastic (thanks kunzite1 for that one)! It works on all of the different pages of my journal that I use, except one. And that would be the comment entry form.

Of course, because of the width of the comment entry box itself, I can see why the shrinking doesn't work on that.

My question is this: is there a way to change the width of the actual textbox on the form so that I can use the S&C code for that page as well? And if so, could somebody give me the function that I would use to rebuild that page with the S&C code and the narrower textbox?
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Doubled up... Gward!

I did Post a Comment in the thread but Incase any one else can help me with the Google search component.

How the blazes do I prevent or stop the doubled up"Search Google" text as you can see on my LJ.
And how would I add this to a Square box? rather than a Curved one?
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