April 27th, 2005


custom title bar component

my layer is viewable and the layer id number thing is 2636103

I am wondering if you can look at this layer and look for the custom title bar part. Where it says the part about this is my journal and its friends only blah blah I would like to change that to a picture. Now when I do this with the regular <*img src=http://mypic.com"*> without the stars of course it gives me an error and wont compile. Can someone help me please, it says it takes html ??

removing bad images

I've edited my summary on my friends page using one of the tutorials and managed to include the user pics. They look pretty cool, except when one of the entries is syndicated and you get that ugly white box with the red x. Is there a way to either place a generic image when syndicateds come up or just not show a userpic when they come up? The code looks like this:


Collapse )

Is there some kind of variable for syndicateds I could throw in there?

Background image isn't showing up

I've been through several pages of previous posts, and the tutorials, and this is a pretty simple question for which I don't see an answer. I've designated a background image for my journal. However, I can't figure out why the background image isn't visible when I look at my journal. What am I missing, here? This seems like it should be simple.