April 29th, 2005

How to change the Add to memories button??

I´m really sorry if this has been asked before, I looked through the tutorials but could only find some about changing your Read/Comment links to a image.

I´m trying to change the "Add to memories" button, I either want to add my own image or remove the link all together but can´t for the life of me figure out how?? Does anyone here know how to do that??

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who might be able to help me out.


1)how do i customize the - entries page so that the comments dont look the same as the entry? - if that's possible... I just mainly don't want the indent - but want to be able to somehow distinguish the different comments and levels - maybe with an hr to divide the parent comments...

2) how do i change the name of the calendar to an image?

also please tell me if the design doesnt work on your browser -


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Meta data

I have looked throughout your tutorials, and several posts back. Unless I completely missed the obvious (it's the wee hours, and my eyes are no more than tiny specks behind my rapidly closing lids) I can't find any info on how to add specific meta content in the head section of the html.

To be more specific, I am interested in joining a journaling directory for my area. They require that I add some meta information (meta name="ICBM" content="45.52361, -122.675", and so on). If this was straight html it'd be easy, but not sure where I would put it, or how I would write it out in the LJ S2 layer code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance,


Is there anyway to change the size of your comment link? mine's at about 8pt and looks like 4 ♥ COMMENT i want to make it more the size of my subject line, and im having a hard time figuring this out. Any help would be greatly appriciated.