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Is there any way to link to your userpics from your default icon in Component, like it does in The Boxer?
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I searched through the tutorials and posts and while somebody asked this same question a while back, it was never really answered. So here goes.

I re-did my layout using pamelajoy's fantabulous (is that word still 'in'?) tutorial and everything turned out great. However, I'm trying to figure out how to remove my icon and user name from my posts page. As you can see, it makes my comment box much thinner. I figured out how to remove it from my entries page, but still haven't been able to do so here. I tried simply not using an icon, but that didn't turn out too hot. Any kind of help would be appreciated.
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I've got a problem, can anybody help?
I made my journal thinner according to this entry and I want to move it to the right, so I changed < body style="text-align:center;" > to < body style="text-align:right;" >, but it doesn't work in Firefox or Mozilla, only in IE. How can I fix it?

Sorry for my english :)
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Can anyone tell me how to make my components thinner? I have no clue. Or if you can point me in the direction of finding out that would be cool too.
I downloaded a pre-made component S2 layout from cherrystyle, and I have 2 notepad texts, one for a user and one for a theme.

I made both the user and theme layers and on the customize page I have the theme selected from the list, but my layout is still the basic default component.

I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong?
dwlikeebeinlost is my LJ... and there is something ODD happening to my LJ...

My background is one color, or is supposed to be. But for WHATEVER reason, there are lines in my background....
But I don't want there to be lines in my background... How do I make the lines go away?

dw-- appreciates it!!