May 3rd, 2005


1 more thing...

I've looked through the codes and I can't find anywhere to edit the width of the read comments and reply pages?

If I click "reply" to an entry or I click to view the replies the page is still in my journal style but it's too wide, a horizontal scrollbar appears on the page to scroll from left to right because of how wide it is.

How can I narrow this?

Thanks xtomxfallsx.
Ninja Monkeys

iCal -- Current Month vs Latest Month

Here's one that I really hope hasn't been covered before, since I haven't found an answer yet. But is there a way to tell Component's interactive calendar to get the current month instead of the "latest" month? Because people with forward-dated posts show calendars in like December 2023, or whenever they have their future posts dated, and that's annoying.

I'd rather it disply the current month with a link to the next available future month.

(no subject)

First of all, I want to give some props to the writers of the tutorials. I had downloaded a style from cherrystyle, and without these tutorials I would've still been lost.

I do however have a question, and I don't know if it's related to using this style or maybe to using firefox, because it was sometimes a problem on my old style but it always fixed itself, while now it doesn't anymore :

When I make posts with "foreign" signs ( foreign to English that is ) like f.e. accents, trema's and so on, all kinds of other signs show up and make it impossible to read my entry. Sometimes reloading the page works, but not always, and when it's posts on my friend's page it doesn't help at all, and I still get all kinds of weird signs all throughout the posts.

Can anyone help me with this ?

Thank you!