May 4th, 2005

Knocking code


I've used this site extensively in setting up my journal and found it to be incredibly helpful. The tutorials especially have been invaluable, and I applaud all the contributors to them. As a result of using the tutorials and reading the posts here, I've been able to customize my journal to my liking - it's been challenging at points, but interesting and fun. However - I have run into one obstacle and as a result, I have a question. A couple of pages back there was a post by poas regarding adding the knock, unknock links to the friend entries page. I read that thread, and saw kunzite1's helpful reply - went and grabbed his code off S2layers - but I can't for the life of me figure out how to implement it. Maybe it's the cold I currently have, or maybe it's just that I have a stupidity block going on here. At any rate...if someone could give me another clue as to where that code goes and what it should look like once it's in place, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks again to everyone for contributing to this site - both with questions and help. I find that the questions often jog my memory or give me an idea as much as the answers sometimes.


Edited to clarify/add, I realize the code is added to print entry, I just can't get it to work there. Thanks again.

How to change link titles and add items in navbox?

I've read back quite a few pages here and found a few things that touch on these ideas but none that seem to really explain how to do it.

I'd like to add additional items to the nav component (e.g. "index" to link to my memories page and "scrapbook" for fotobilder). I'd like to change the titles of a few of the existing links (e.g. change "calendar" to say "archive" and "entries" to say "main page" or something like that). I tried to do those things myself, to no avail. I know I could do this, but I don't know how to suppress the original navbox so there aren't two of 'em and I also like the fact that, in my color scheme, the red really jumps out at you.

Another minor thing I'd like to fix: on pages where both "next" and "previous" appear in the navbox, like on this page, I'd like them to be side by side (which is how it is on component_help's own page, but I don't know the style number for that!). Is there any way to make "next" and "previous" appear all in lower-case?

All of the stuff I've done so far is in my user layer, which I confess is probably a mess because I've been borrowing stuff from here :) and pasting it in willy-nilly. (All I have in my theme layer is the code to create free components.) I really intend to clean all this up sometime but I'm always afraid of breaking everything.

ETA:</a> I cleaned up my user and theme layers a bit. Also, I'm not sure all my layers were public before, so I fixed that, too.

A little help?

Im hoping someone can help me. Im slowly learning how to do all this advanced customization, Ive got my journal pretty close to how i want it. The only thing is I want to center and shrink my page and also add components on the other side. Is there anyone who can give me a really simple answer. Just give me something to copy and paste into my code and tell me where i need to put it. Thanks so much.
ps ive already read the shrinking and centering tut and the comp on both sides tut, and i dont get it so anything but a link to there will help. :)

Color question.

I know this must be extremely easy to answer, but I've been cracking my head for the past day or so trying to change my layout's colors and graphics and stumbled upon something I can't seen to fix....
How can I change the color of the drop text? Ugh. I suck at explaining myself so Collapse )

Sorry if this is such a stupid quiestion =/

Solved! Thanks! :)

(no subject)

I need some help. There is a tutorial for this, but someone had the same problem, and no one answered. So if this is the wrong place to ask, I'm sorry!

I'm trying to add additional components for pictures and things like that, and I keep getting a message saying this is an error:

var string k1Mheader = "music"; # title of component

Any suggestions?