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Title your entry, please. Thanks!
Hi...I'm new to the community and totally helpless with html...I learned the coding for old system, but I have no clue about system 2. Can anyone help me, I saw one person with a scroll component that had a list of their lj friends that was also linked to the corresponding journal...and I saw another with listings of images and titles of current books being read, music, and movies. Because I don't know the language at all, could someone please help me?
I had figured this out at one point, but I can't for the life of me remember how I did it. =o/
How can I print my date contents OUTSIDE of the entry header?

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Thanks in advance! =o)
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
I've searched high and low on this site and can't find anything on what I'm looking for. Can anyone tell me how to get my component boxes to start right next to my header picture instead of right next to my entries? I've seen several other journals like this and can't get anyone to help me out here. Thanks sooo much!
Problem #1

If you look at my journal, you will see that in my entry boxes I have the icon inside the text area. I was trying to rearrange my coding so that it would be aligned to the right of both my subject and the entry text, but I've been having a few problems.

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Problem #2

I've looked over this tutorial, but it doesn't seem to explain how to make straight forward links as a navigation thing. I have divided my friends into custom groups, and I wanted to link the different groups on my navigation component.
The coding for my navigation component looks pretty complicated (here's a tiny snippet of it):

    var string[] views_order = ["recent", "friends", "archive", "userinfo"];

I can't really figure out how I would incoporate regular links as a navigation. Is it possible?