May 8th, 2005

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Coding difficulties

I've been using s2 for a short while now and have pretty much managed to figure most things out myself with the help of the wonderful tutorials on this site. I've just recently made over my journal, and am still experiencing difficulty with getting my navigation bar rounded.
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I have a problem with my lj. Well I had my layout the way I wanted it (my layers may be a total!!! chaos since I have to admit I know very little about all this, but I tried for weeks till it worked, but my layout looked the way I wanted it for months) but suddenly for some days now my lj is totally gone crazy. It looks like it should when I have the flistview (most times at least) but when I look at my own journal it shows only half of my components on the right side, sometimes none of them or totally strange, or it doesnt show the page at all or it makes spaces between boxes where there shouldn`t be spaces..
I`d appreciate help veryvery much, I want it back the way it looks on my friendsview. I`m not even sure this has something to do with my layers, becasue I didn`t change anything in there in the last weeks, but just in case it has I thought I try and ask here, would be very nice if somebody could help me, or at least tell me that it has nothing to do with my layers, then I will delete this post again :) that`s the lj and that`s the flistview where all components (10 including profile) appear.

thank you :)

Simplifying and removing borders..

(click)<- My current LJ layout. It's Component, obviously. I'm pretty new to this and my coding limits only extend to CSS.

Basically, what I'm trying to achieve is a nice header image above my entries without the weird Component borders around it, and I'd also like to make the borders around my components not have the shiny bits and dark bits and lines everywhere. Just 1px thick boxes around the entry and so on.

Is this possible? If so, how? By the way, I'm using the shrinking tutorial and the square corners tutorial to make my LJ look like it is currently. That's basically all the code I have in there.
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I searched through the memories.. but how can I get rid of the usericon on every entry? I just want it to be the entries.

Also, when I resize it.. it only does it in IE.. how can I make it work for Mozilla?

(no subject)

I've read the tutorials, and used the search engine, but I can't find a tutorial for just putting a header on your journal. I found one about headers and shrinking? I couldn't understand it at all. Could anyone give me the code that I need for the layer, and what type of layer, etc?
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Image Placement

I'm redoing my component layout, and the first time I'd done it I know I came here and was able to solve my problems, but now for some reason I can't seem to find the entry (and I went back quite a ways) that had helped me in the frist place.

My problem is that I have an image I'd like to use as a header but NOT above my navigation. With my old layout I was able to fit the image in perfectly below my navigation bar/title bar and above my entries, and the only thing I was working with was my user layer and the plain customizations options. However, I have no idea how I did it. Help is greatly appreciated :)
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I'm using someone's codes so I copied and pasted and everything worked fine but now somethings happend and its all messed up.
I'll put it behind a cut so it wont take up the whole community.
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