May 11th, 2005

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Component Newbie: EDITED

I'm finally trying to work my way through a custom Component layout & there are a couple things I'm having trouble with.

I used the code from this tutorial, and was able to add "memories" to the navbar. However, the navbar shows up on the top left of my layout & has a transparent background.

I will probably also be adding more components for a guest book, clock, and other goodies (once I dig through the tuts).

Since I am a complete (component) newbie, I have no clue where new codes go.

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Hi everyone, well Ive finally got my journal almost perfect Im learning the more i do. I have however run into a problem. I want to add some free text components in with my links, caledar and so forth. I found the code that  kunzite1 has so nicely set up but i cant help but think that my shrinking and centering code is blocking me from having my free text show up. Ive tried to do this on my own but Ive royally screwed up my journal in the process. If anyone wants to help it would be highly appreciated! Thanks!


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