May 20th, 2005

char - autogatos

Shifting the entry buttons and shortening that empty space?

I'm not entirely sure if this is possible but I figured I'd give it a shot. In my current LJ layout I'd like to shift those little entry (edit and memories) buttons to below the icon displayed by the entries instead of to the right. I'd also like to shorten that empty space between the icon and the entry to a more reasonable width.
Examples of what I mean: Current layout & New layout (courtesy of photoshop editing)

Anywho, here's the theme layer code I already have in my theme layer, if that helps:

I apologize if this is something I could have found an answer to had I looked a little harder through the tutorials, I spent several hours searching to no avail.
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Time, date

This time, and date stuff is confusing the piss out of me. I know i've said it before here. I think I finally got the right codes though. I just don't exactly know where to put them etc. I uploaded two text files. One of them is is my layout coding, and another one is the coding I have for the time stamp. If someone can look at them, and tell me exactly where I need to put them that would help greatly. I've been trying to figure this out for awhile now :(

Here's the link to the coding

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