May 24th, 2005

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navigation component

Hey I'm new here and in need of some help! All these tuts are wonderful and have gotten my journal to look like I wanted it to, minus one thing.

Is there some way I can get rid of the top line navigation bar? (I think I might actualy have a code in there to leave it there...) I wanted a navigation like the one on this community (on the side) or wartime is a good example also. Help? I've tried changing order of the components and things, but I'm stuck.
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Font Issues

This doesn't involve component necessarily, but I'm having a unqiue problem with font sizes on my journal (I do use component if that helps). I've started to post pictures from Livejournal's Scrapbook, and it seems to me that the text used in the same entry as the picture I put in it is _smaller_ than the rest of the journal. I'm looking high and low to see what is doing this but I've come up with nadda. Nothing in the source, nothing in the theme for my component. Nothing at all...

Any help so that I can rectify this small nuisance would be most appreciated. I'm a perfectionist, and this is driving me nuts.

- Matthew
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Mmkay. Back again.

1. I found the rounded navigation bar tutorial, and I've tried putting the code into my theme layer. The problem is, nothing happens. Is there a way to fix this?

2. Is here a way to make the corners of my entries/side boxes/navigation bar/etc. be the same color as the header background, instead of a white-ish color?

Any help is great. Thanks in advance.