June 1st, 2005

Spiral CrimsonDawn

HTML = S2/component

Been wondering about these for a while now, and if it's even executable in S2.

You know the little logo thingies that appear in one's bookmarks, like the little blue pencil that appears next to the LJ bookmarks...Is there any way to modify that in S2 layers?

And on a similar note, in regular HTML you can put a list of "keywords" on your site, using meta name="keywords" content=" and whatnot, but how would that translate into s2? Is it even doable?

Just wondering...
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Modified Link Component

I used wtw's Altered Link List & cs's Stylesheet. I was able to make my links list look fine. The only problem is my journal is now completely white and i can't see the borders of the component. What did i do wrong and where exactly do i fix it in my code? My code will be included in an lj cut below. Be patient with me as i am a newbie when it comes to this stuff. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

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Coding help


I want to make my entry backgrounds semi-transparent, and I also want to change the style of font in my title bar, both as seen in the following journal: kirabutler.

Also, I tried to use the coding that changes the profile information and it refused to work.

The user kirabutler has also managed to adjust her font size in different areas, mainly the component headers. Does anyone know how I can do that?

Can anyone help me?
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(no subject)

I have one url link that I want to use for the entire background image of my journal and one url link I want to use for the header. I tried inputing them both in my code and only one shows up (the header). Then I tried putting the background link in the customize/presentation area (background image) and keeping the header url in my code but still only the header shows. If I remove the header url from my code, then the background image shows fine. How can I get both???
EK Minnie



I just installed a new layout and somehow I seriously screwed it up. There are several things wrong with it.

1. My components don't start till half way down my friends and most recents page, but is at the top of my comments page.
2. There are colors in my layout that I didn't put there. The color is sort of a maroon on the left side of each component header, you can barely see it. but why is it there, I didn't choose any maroon color?
3. Some of the text in my component is not showing but I can not find any part of the code that is wrong or different. One line shows up the next line doesn't. i.e. "Feature" text for the movie title, first movie text shows up second one doesn't.
4. I have a header and background image, but the background image is not showing up. This worked with my last layout.
5. The last component, "Favorite Icons" is way off line to the rest of the components.
I am using a theme layer with "no errors" but something is drastically wrong.

Do I need to search through all the FAQ's for each individual problem or can someone help me with all of them.


I should probably add my code, cuz obviously there's something wrong with it, eh? Okay so I can do that little scroll box thing... but WHOA wait a minute, why is some of it coming up with green and yellow??? I'm so confused. Also I have my background image in Edit Customization -> Presentation. That's what I told to do with my previous layout, which worked... without nearly this many complications.

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Edit: I figured how to make all the text for the movie title, artists, etc to show up. I don't need them in tables so I've started just deleting the tables, don't know why it didn't work before but I don't care, I just want it all to work.
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mo anam cara

(no subject)

i tried editing my layout according to these specifications, but something must not have clicked with me. the scrolling entrybox doesn't show up, nor do the images show up that: a) replace the "post" or "read # comments" text links, or b) replace the default "edit entry" & "add to memories" icons.
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