June 2nd, 2005

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Extra Component

I put a code in my theme layer for an additional component, but its totally messed up my layer, so I was wondering what i did wrong in the code. My profile component, links component, and Additional component is there but there isn't a border around it or the title area for the component, plus its messed up my page summary, and shoved all my entries to the bottom of all of this. Take a look at my journal. My code will be under the cut. I used both version 2 & 3 additional components 4 tv etc, and sort of mushed stuff together, which of course is probably my problem. lol, but i can't figure out where i messed up, since im still unfamiliar with all this coding.

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EK Minnie

HELP Plleeeeeeeease

Did I do something wrong in my earlier post? Why hasn't anyone replied to my plee for help? Posts made after mine have been answered, is everybody just stumped by my questions? Please tell me if I'm doing something not right...

I ended up firguring out all but one last problem, and I had this problem before I changed my layout. I do NOT want the page to be so wide that there's the horizontal scroll bar. I had already chosen image placeholders (larger than 640x480) b/c some pictures were screwing up my friends page. So I don't know why my page is so big... and it's not just my friends page but my recents page too.

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Do you want to see all my code or is that good enough?

And why is it giving me placeholders for all my images when I chose only larger than 640x480, even 100x100 icons???

Please help.
Thank you.

"Flattening" the layout

Hi, I just found this community, after switching to S2 and banging my head on the screen for hours, trying to figure it out.

I used this tutorial for squaring the components, and I'd appreciate it if someone would help me figure out how to make the layout "flat". That is - to get rid of the 3D-ness of it. I haven't seen anything in the color customization about it, so I'm guessing this has to be done through the theme layer.

Thanks ever so much in advance.

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I looked through a couple different tutorials that I thought would have what I need, but I couldn't find it anywhere and all I need are two very simple things. The code for bolding all of my links and changing the color of the scrollbar for my page.

Also, I tried the stylesheet code because it had something in there to make links bold and change the scrollbar colors but when I put that in it took everything out of my layout except my header.