June 7th, 2005

NBC I Must Be Dreaming

Scrolling side bar boxes

Hello =) I need some help please with an HTML code. Can you please provide me with what code I need to enter in my current layer so I can have this effect on my sidebar links and stuff. I would like the scrolling effect. See here like on this LJ users page: crazichica how her FRIENDS , CALENDAR , COMMUNITIES , LYRICS , TOYBOX and FAVE QUOTES all have this scroll bar. Please Help.

Thank You,
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Peter Pevensie

corrected and reposted

Ok, first I want to apologize for my last post. I was trying to keep the coding from being shy and make it show itself, and it wasn't working. Then I had to leave. Long story short (too late!), I posted it without meaning to, and I'm sorry.

Here's the story for those of you who missed it. I added a line to my coding to make just the entries scroll while the components and header stay still. Now, the problem is that the entries overlap each other instead of scrolling up. It's at my journal if you want to see. Without a scroll wheel, only about two and half entries are even visible. I'd like to know how to keep it so just the entries scroll and have them actually scroll as the page would if I hadn't changed the code.

Here's the code

And thanks to everyone who helped me actually post the code!
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