June 8th, 2005

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Scrolling left-to-right

Sometimes when I view my friends page the page gets bigger then the screen and I have to scroll left-to-right to view the entire entry. This doesn't happen every time though. However, when I click on the link to view previous friends entries, then the pages ALWAYS get bigger - bigger and bigger the farther I go back. I hate this and I did not code it like this (at least not knowingly). Any ideas on how to keep my pages the same size, always??? Or even why it's doing this???
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I used the community's tutorial for shrinking and centering. Everything is where and the size the i want except the left component. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to resize it. What do i need to add/remove/change to make it work? The table width section that i edited (identical to the one i edited for the right component) doesn't work and neither does the code in the style sheet, no matter how many times I've change it. I probably have to many codes for it, or something is over riding it or something. Could someone please tell me what I've done wrong or at least what to do to fix it?

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comment help

I've got this problem with my comment stuff.
It's like there is no word-link on each of my blog for people
to click to comment. What should I do?

This is my code:



%%readlink%%SHOUT HIS NAME</a></font></p>

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