June 12th, 2005

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There is probably a tutorial on here but I looked through what I thought they may be and since I'm knew I don't know what I would call it. Anyways, I want the box that says profile, friends, calender etc to be on the side like here instead like how mine is on the top. How do I fix that?

Just wondering...

Great tutorials! I have 2 questions though, maybe someone can figure out how to answer them, please! I searched and posted a comment about the first one in the Square Components tutorial comments, but I'm asking here as well.

1. I've been trying to put a title header on the nav (recent entries, friends, calendar) bar though, it looks weird when I do it. It's just a black border currently with no header. Please let me know if there is an easy way to do that without messing up the table code...thank you! I have tried to do it and almost have it, but then all the nav tables get messed up and I have the default in there now. I love the square corners vs. rounded corners!

2. Is there any way to put something under the links? I would like to put a copyright box either under my last sidebar box (links) or at the bottom of the page. How do you add things under the links? I have just be able to add things in the middle of the sidebar. How would I add just text at the bottom of the page?

I have read the tutorials about making new layers they are great! Thank you for putting everything in one place. :) I'm new to LJ, but, I have been using PHP and HTML for years. I used Word Press for my blog and before that b2 so I'm more familiar with the PHP side vs. functions, but I'm getting there, learning as I go.

I would appreciate any input, suggestions and comments, thank you!

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Hi! Quick question, since I noticed that there's no tutorials minus the adding-smilies one, that will change your reply page for you:

How do I get rid of the security icon that's on the entry header of my reply page? I tried the Custom Security Icons tutorial, but apparently that only achieves what I've done with the Fancy Date Format already, and pulls the security icon from all the headers except in reply view. So, any tips/tricks/chunks of code would rock my socks.

If my layer is needed, let me know and I'll public-ize it.
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