June 15th, 2005

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Ok. So I'm a tiny bit lost. I think it's just a simple code I put somewhere but I'm not really sure where or what the code is. Ok, I'd like to have it so that when you click on the dates part of my layout, the links stay the same {bolded, color changes when hovered over}. I'd also like it so that my dates (at the top, not on the side} are kinda spread out like xdeathzxanjulx. If you need me to post my codes just lemme know. Thanks :)
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Questions: Non-Smooth Scrolling & Non-Uniform Page Widths

I have just changed my layout with the help of this community (many thanks) and it is basically as I want it, however there are a few quirks I would appreciate help with if anyone has any suggestions.

1. My pages do not scroll smoothly. Why is this? Manually added extra components? Images? Is it constantly re-drawing the page? Poorly structured code? I'm afriad I can't see why it's doing this.

2. Annoying but not so important - changing the width of the page (i.e. all the boxes as a whole) does not properly affect the recent page, but does the friends page, i.e. I set overall width of the main table to, say, 900px and the friends page does this, but the recent entries page will not go below a certain width (I think ~ 1165px, on my screens). Or rather, I think it may not be going below a certain percentage, but I am using pixels for the main table, not percentages. As it is, I've just made them both big enough that the effect is not seen (~1165px).

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Edit and Memories Icons

I would like to move the edit and memories icons on my entry view and comment view pages. How would I do that, please? Also, is there a way to change the icons to ones that I have created? I hunted and didn't see anything about this in a tutorial or thread.

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Tags have been added. You can use the "edit tags" link (via this icon: ) after you post your entries, use the tags input field from the LJ "update journal" link, your client (if it suports it) or if you have customized your input form you will need to add a text input field with name "prop_taglist" of size 255 to your input form.

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Check the tutorials for more information on custom input components.

Edit: Here is a tip if you are constructing a separate component to house your list of tags: use a scroll box. That list is going to get very long, very quickly! Those of you with too much time on your hands may want to code an alphabetic list. lol
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