June 16th, 2005

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The width of my layout has changed only for the recent entries page and not on the others. It was fine, until i think it was when the lj ppl added the tag system to everyones lj. If you want to see what the width is supposed to look like, you can look at my friends page. There is a big difference between the friends page and the recent entries page. The friends page is the width that i want for the recent entries page. I know my codes aren't the problem since i haven't changed them since i put them in, which was a while ago, but i will include them in a cut anyways.

On to my questions. What the heck happened? Can i fix it? If so how?

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Nevermind, solved!

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I just recently switched over to S2 & I've been trying hard to get all my codes right but for some reason my friends page is all spread out & I have to scroll(left to right)to read all the entries (& it is so annoying). I was j/w if it can be fixed or if it's LJ's fault. It wasn't doing it yesterday morning so I'm guessing it's LJs fault but if it can be fixed I'd really like to try & do that.

EDIT: actually, it seems to only be doing it on the first page (most recent friends entries)
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Editing the date

I'm using the boxer layout, but I used a tutorial from here to edit the look of the date in my layout. Since the date issue I'm wondering about isn't layout specific, and no one in the boxer community responded to my question I thought I'd try asking here. Here's what I posted there:Collapse )
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hey all. i have a paid account and i want to change my layout to component and im just wondering how i actually get started?? can someone just kinda briefly tell me what to do first... are there basic codes i need to use?? im all confused!! ha..thanks!
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LJ just added the Tags functionality.
I have a layer that overrides the printing of entries, so that now I cannot see the link to my tags because I don't have it coded in my layer. Could someone help on how to add it?
I have code for the Mood and Music fields, I suppose I should add something similar for the Tags field, but I don't know how.

Here's what I have for Mood/Music:

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Mood/music flatbox next to read/write icons

Using kunzite1's way-spiffy code, I was able to add the tag function into my mood and music flatbox. However, now that it's there, I've decided I want to horizontally align the flatbox (to the left) and read / write icons (to the right). I've played around with my layer all morning and just cannot seem to get the two on the same level. I'm thinking they're displaying one above the other because of the interaction between entryComments and the flatbox, but I'm a bit puzzled how to get the two functions to play happily together.

If someone could take a look at my layer and point me in the right direction, it would be welcomed with much thanks and many cookies. :)

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I didn't see this in the memories (it wasn't right out there and I'm too lazy to check all of them), but can you change the width of the entries and move them over?

Edit: Nevermind, I think I found it.
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Backgrounds in components

Hello, I'm new to the community and today was my first day attempting the s2 system. I used the tutorials provided in this community mostly. If you want to check out what I've done go to peppermintstarr. I have 2 questions for you guys.
Is there any way I can get rid of the title bar or put my header image in it instead of the title and subtitle?
How do I give my components background images like the way sssexygirl has hers?
Thank you!
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I would just like to know how to make my current mood and current music at the beginning of my entry instead of at the bottom. I've tried a few things and cant seem to figure it out. Thanks.
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