June 17th, 2005

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I'm having a lot of trouble. What I want is a basic simple concept, and I've looked through hte tutorial listed and feel like a total idiot, because I don't understand it at all. ANd I know its a simple tutorial, but my brain is not picking it up. I don't know what to copy and paste adn what to not, and everytime I do, I get tons of errors that I don't understand. I want to simply shrink and center my journal and add a banner. I KNOW there is a tutorial, I've read it and read it and read it again. I know Html quite well, but as you've said S2 is a language of its own. If someone could just help me understand the tutorial, because my mind isn't picking it up.

I do appologize if this is annoying, but I don't know where else to go. Please forgive me if you all get these all teh time. I hate to be frustrating you, but I'm at the end of my rope. I've designed my banner its 700 pixels by 350 pixels, I have the colors/text/ all that set up as I want, not I just want to squish it and add the banner? any help out there tonight?
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Would it be possible to have a drop down menu in one of my components for people to select a tag they wanted to check out? Like, if someone wanted to see my entries tagged with icons, they would just go to the drop down menu and click 'icons' and it'd take them to all the entries?

Sorry if that sounds confusing, or if it's got an easy answer. I'm just not S2 savvy :\

Tags related, sort of

Ok, so I've customized my entries to have the edit/memory buttons under the userpic instead of beside it. This is no big deal, as I have used this code successfully in four or five previous layouts.

My issue now is wanting to add the new tags button to this group. I tried a variation of what was used on the others, but it doesn't work for some reason; I get an "Unknown local variable" error on $edittags.

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Anyone have any ideas? Sorry if this has been posted before... I did look, I promise. :-)

EDIT: Um, yeah. Me = first class idiot who doesn't pay attention to her variables. For the record, $edittags.url should have been $tagslink.url, the same name as every other reference to that variable in the statement. :-\ Fixed, and hopefully this post will be good for helping someone else.
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I used the shrinking and centering tutorial and everything worked perfectly, but is there a way or something I could change to make there be no space between my header and entries? I looked through the code and I didn't see anything that looked like it would change it. Any help is appreciated
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Alright, kunzite1 was generous enough to help me figure out the tag search and I replaced his php url with another one which has all the documentation and everything, but if you do a query for 'pictures' it takes you to a page that says it doesn't support or whatever.

The domain the replacement url hosts does support php. I'm not sure what's going on :\

Hang on, I think I know the problem. The replacemend url ends with .txt and his ends with .php. Is this easily fixed? The girl hosting it is doing a huge favor and I don't want to make her jump through hoops to get this thing to work.

Alright, changed it to php but now it's saying that I need to provide tags even though I'm typing them in. ::sigh::
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Screwing up some tables....

I used to have my mood/music in a box at the bottom of the entries, but since the tag option arrived, I felt having all three in one box looked too crowded, so what I was trying to do was make a separate box for each (mood, music, tags) next to each other instead. It actually came out ok, but seriously screwed up my friends page (and only my Default friends page, my custom ones look normal.)

Any of you code-magicians out there know how to accomplish this without busting up my friends page?