June 18th, 2005



How to make, that on the basic page there was a component «Counters» («Счётчики»), and on page of its friends (in entry view) was not?

editing entry format, custom security icons

I've been searching for hours trying to find a solution to this with no results. So - I changed my comment links to images, and that worked with no problems. I figured that adding a memories link (like in pamelajoy's layout) would be as simple... apparently not. Also, this tutorial just will not work for me. I only want to change the protected security icon. Any insight? Any other tutorials I should try?

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Oops, I tried the "How to customise the Titlebar and add components under it" but when I add the code it takes away the shrinking and center component look I had before, what can I do to get it back & still keep the component @ the top? Thanks guys!

here's the code:
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how come set show_entrynav_icons = false; doesn' work?