June 19th, 2005


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Can someone please tell me how to change the date of the my entries to show the day (as in Sunday, Monday etc)? I don't know where or how to change them - everything I've tried so far has failed.

EDIT : I've tried the tutorial on changing the date and no joy. Trying to get the spiffy date tutorial to work - it compiles but won't actually do anything to my lj :(

Okay - it won't let me put in the code and show it properly :(
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I was wondering what the html code is for making things you post bold, italic or underlined in your entries automatically be a certain color when you use them????
and where exactly you'd put the code at when editing your customizations...

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Okay. So I feel a little pathetic asking this, but I cannot think at all what to do about this. It's about my navigation bar.

1) I want to shrink it down to either the same length as my components, or my head. Whichever would be the easiest or whatever.
2) I also want to give it the flat look that my components have (as in, no dark shaded area at the bottom of the bar).

Here are my codes. Is there anything that I can do? Thanks in advance for any help at all :)

OH. Also, sorry for the other question, how can I get it so that the actual word of the mood shows up next to my mood image? Thanks again :/
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Quick Tag Hack.

Add set tags_aware = true; to your layer and the following where you mood/music/entry are being printed. This isn't a tutorial or anything, but if someone wants to shove it into another one, they're more than welcome. I just thought I'd add this so someone doesn't have to rekludge the code. It's probably horrible, but it'll do, hopefully. If it breaks, tell me. Don't ask me how to put this in your journal, because I'm a lazy bastard.

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For some odd reason, the link that allows others to post and view comments on my page does not show up. I'm not exactly sure when this happened because I just noticed it while updating.

I looked in both the manage info and the manage customizations pages to see if there was an option that I would need to select in order for it to appear but unfortunately I came up empty handed.

If anyone should happen to know what may have happened and how to fix it, I would appreciate it.