June 20th, 2005

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I have a question that I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to help me out with. Mind you, I don't have a lot of experience with components so if I come off as an idiot, please spare my feelings. haha

Anyway, a friend and I are trying to start a new community. It's a paid, 2 month account for now. We both have component layouts for our own personal LJs (paid accounts) which have been customized. So, we thought we could just transfer the code we have for our layers to the community and use that as a base to start working from. But, for some reason, whenever we copy and paste the code into the user and theme layers for the community, all we get is your standard gray component layout with nothing else showing up.

Could someone please help me out and tell us what we're missing because I don't really know why the layers shouldn't be working when copied over to the community. Yes, I've looked at some of the tutorials but I haven't found one that answers this question yet. PLEASE HELP?! Thanks for any assistance that you can give.



I checked the tutorials but couldn't find this. Let me know if I'm wrong, though.

I would like to know how to get rid of the header section. I don't mean the header image, I mean... Collapse )

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I decide not to have an image header but I want to add things on the side bar that will let me use HTML so that I could put links and images. Can anybody type out a code for me so it would be easy for me to copy and paste the codes?

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Tags List Question

kunzite1, I notice that you have a component with "tags on this page" and another with "tags in this journal" on your page, and I'm wondering... is there a way of automatically generating (and updating) the list of all tags in use in a user's journal, or did you manually input (and manually maintain) those lists?

I do have the code for a scroll box free text component, that I was using for my tags, but I keep adding new tags and keeping the list up to date is becoming a bit more work than I anticipated.
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Duh me! Dummy! Get it? I know, I suck.

It's me again, with another question. First of all though, as I've been lurking for a long time but today is the first day I post... I want to say this is an excellent community. The tutorials are brilliant. Thanks so very much to everyone who's worked on them!

Now, today's second question.

I've been searching, and I actually did a search too (I just discovered the "search" option, wooo) to find out how I can modify my navigation without messing up the "previous" and "next" options from it. For what I've read so far, it seems to be a very hard task. I spent all day trying to do it by modifying my own codes. I didn't get an error when compiling, but nothing happened either. The new links I added to the navigation just wouldn't appear. It's been a short while since somebody asked this, I believe, but I wonder if any of you has achieved this (and if so, how?).

Cheers! ^^;