June 21st, 2005

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comment header/metadata split box

Comment header stuff
I've been backtracking and searching and whatnot for the past three hours, but I have *totally* forgotten. I changed the colours of this layout, so the header_bgcolor and entry_fgcolor are the same. Since I'm using masterslacker's tut for customizing the comment header, this poses a bit of a prob, since that uses the entry text colour for the header text and header bg colour for the header itself.....

I want the header to stay the same colour as the header bg colour, but I want to change the colour of the text.

I know there was a simple enough command for this, I remember using it before, but for the life of me I cannot find it....>_<

Metadata quirkiness
Now, after the tag option was put into LJ, I opted for a separate box for the mood, and another for the music/tags. The latter box looks a bit wonky, screws up some random friends pages and even shows up even if there is no music or tag listed. Anyone have a clue how to fix that, for I am totally lost on this one. :/
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Random Question

Is it possible to put a counter, like the kind you see on websites in an additional component? If so, what would be the code (just for the counter part, i know the code for an extra component) to use and does anybody know where to get a free counter?
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help with comments page

It used to be that when I went to my friends page and left a comment, after submitting it would show me the comment that I left in my journal style. Ever since I messed with my layout a few days ago, now it shows them in the old journal style or the style of the journal I'm posting in. The actual comments page is still in my journal style, and I have that selected under the customizations, it's only after actually submitting the comment that it comes up in the old journal style. And I want it to be in my style instead. It's driving me crazy. Can anyone help?

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These, tutorials are great, I just have two quick questions.

1. How do I put the user picture inside of the entry. So I can use that extra space that is normally below it. Edit: I found this link, but I don't know how to combine that with what I have without messing everything up that I already have for the print_entry stuff.

2. is it possible to shrink the width of the side components like in opal? I don't like that they're so big.
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