June 23rd, 2005

Countup code

I fiddled around with the code from edupenguin in this entry and came up with a quick and easy thing you can do to the code to make it count up from a day vs. count down to a day. So if you wanted to count from the day your LJ was born, the day you quit smoking or the day your child was born, you can now do that. Tested on my community webgirlie and this code is ripped right from my theme code. All I did was change $e1days = $e1days + $e1diff_day; # add difference in days to days to $e1days = $e1days - $e1diff_day; # add difference in days to days

Edited to post that it only works in the existing month. If someone comes up with the code for a countup counter, please let me know. I removed my code, as it wasn't necessary, it doesn't work correctly. Back to the drawing board!
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(no subject)

I didn't see anything regardring text size in the tutorials so here's my question.

I want to make all of the text in my journal the same size. I want my entries to be the same size that the text in my components currently is. I know that I can change text size in the main customization but making my entry text that size makes the text in my components smaller. I've seen it done before so can anyone help me out?
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s2 pwns .. or something.

Well I've made my second layout utilizing s2. Now it looks fine, but i still want to tinker with a few ideas.

  • I want to add a stickie to the top, but have it NOT mess up my calendar in my sidebar. So far all I've found is this. But I'm not sure at all if that is what i'm actually looking for. I'm not sure how to utilize it & if it messes up said calendar.

  • Right now I'm using pamelajoy's tut for component found here. & I'm using the free text box as an introduction. BUT I want to add more boxes (like the seeing/listening ones that are uber trendy). Now it looks as though if i put the code for those in it takes away my free text box & replaces it with the seeing/listening boxes. I have a strange feeling there is no happy medium...

    How if you can help me out, that'd be fantastic. i've been looking at the codes all day so i'm a bit loop at the moment, but you can check out my code here. Also I'd like to point out that I am using this tutorial to get all of the tag/mem/comments ect at the bottom of the entry.
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    Change Component Title Colors

    I would like my Component Titles to be a different color. Is there a code to add to my CSS that will allow color adjustment for the Component Titles as I was able to do using the Spify Date Tutorial? I want my Component Titles the same as my Spify Date Colors which are overwritten in my CSS code.