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I'm sure this is really simple but I can't make it work.

I want to change the text from 'tag' to something else, and I'd like it below mood and music instead of on top.

Title your entry, please. Thanks!
I posted this before, but perhaps some of you who haven't read this can come up with a genious answer. ;)

On my layout, does anyone know how I can also make my image header show up on my FRIENDS' pages? It seems the code I have only allows it to be on my ENTRIES page. Would appreciate any kind of help. :)
Title your entry, please. Thanks!

kunzite1  for his help earlier today.

However, I've got just one more question. How would I align my entry text box so that it doesn't shift over to the left? I noticed that if I put in my usericons, it'll align correctly, but if I don't use the usericons, they somehow don't align properly.

Thanks again.

This is my first foray into customization with S2, so I apologize for the (apparent) triviality of the question, but is there a simple/easy way to move the "tags" to the bottom of the entry (to "position 3"; currently position 1) instead of above the mood (currently position 2) and music (currently position 3) variables?

I'll try to make sense and be brief. Your help is greatly appreciated.

After reading through many tutorials and posts, I'm embarrassed to say I'm still lost. The customize "wizard" appears to be as deep as I can get for now. When I first joined this community, the tutorials I read said I needed theme, user layer, style sheet and a brain transplant. The latest tutorials I've read imply that some of that is outdated, but I'm not sure where to head next.

If all I want (beyond the standard-issue customization already offered) is to be able to put HTML in a free text component box or two, what is the minimum I need to do? I'm not asking you to explain it all; just a list and the order I should do it in (create theme, create user layer, add HTML to change free text box .. . .or something like that).

Does that make sense?

Last, if I am able to do the above, must I do the rest of the customization "manually", or can I leave what I have in the customization area?

Thanks in advance for your help.
I posted on here yesterday, and I figured out the basic stuff already. What I want to do now is to change the layout a bit... I want to put the header image between the title component and the most recent entry in my journal. I figured that this tutorial is probably the closest one that I'd need, right? If it is, then what part do I need to alter to get the result I want?