June 30th, 2005


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Hello. I really hate to post this here because I know everyone gets upset when the same thing is posted more than once, I feel like I have been staring right at the answers but somehow missed over it. But my question is how can you fix you headers and the hidth/width preferences of them. I found one entry but the codes didnt work and the person never updated it so if anyone can point me in the directions of the post with this It will be appreciated. Or if you could just reply with the codes. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, But I checked all the memories and didn't see anything (except that one entry)
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new rule

if someone asks a question (be it stupid or not) and it's answered in the COMPONENT IDIOT'S GUIDE,
provide a spiffy link for them like:
please read <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/component_help/518814.html">the component idiot's guide</a>, written by your glorious leader, <lj user="kunzite1">.
which parses as:
please read the component idiot's guide, written by your glorious leader, kunzite1.
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Partial Lock

this probably has nothing to do with component stuff, but was just wondering..

how do you post a public post, but with the pics in that same post made friends-only? some sort of a partial lock?

any help would be appreciated!

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Component community up for grabs

I'm doing some housecleaning on projects that I simply no longer have the time to devote proper attention to. In that light, componentreview is up for new maintainership. I hate to let the LJ name go into limboland.

(if this is inappropriate for this forum, let me know and I'll delete. Just thought someone here would be the most interested.)
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Non-Smooth Scrolling

How do I make my page scroll smoothly? I have everything as I want, but I don't know why it won't scroll smoothly. Have a look here: nimoloth. It's not images or backgrounds that I can tell - removing these makes no difference. Any comments or help please? It's really annoying, especially with a scroll wheel.

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Scrolling entries

Ok i messed up somehow in the code using the scrolling entries tut, so please help me out. I've been able to understand the tuts that i have used do far but for some reason i don't understand this one, which makes it diffcult to see where i messed up. Though im not proclaiming to be an expert, lol. To see whats happened check out my journal (http://www.livejournal.com/users/ram_crazy/). Here is the code CODE. Where in the code can you change the heigth and width of ehere you want the entries to be before the scrolling starts? I hope that question makes sense. Thanks in advance! ^_^

Also could someone direct me to a tutorial for different views of my friends page. Example 1 view for grapshics stuff, 1 for personal friends, 1 for icons, etc. Then put links to these different views in my navigation bar? I've seen the different views around as links on their links components so i know its possible but is it possible to put it on the nav comp instead? If it is, how would i go about doing that? Thanks!