July 4th, 2005

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Too big text and too small of a component

Okay, I've managed to get my livejournal theme to look exactly as I want it to, rounded navigation and everything. I just have 2 problems:

1. The font size is too big in this theme. I want it to look like the font in my current theme.
2. My one component, the "quotage" one, should be 185 pixels, instead of the 156 it seems to be doing. I tried to correct it, but it won't take. Should I just keep compiling the code until it does, or is something else, like too many components?

Other than this, everything works out fine. I don't get any error codes, just these two problems. Can anyone help?

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A newbie with a question

Forgive me if this was already asked, I couldn't find the answer anywhere. It's probably because it's too simple to bother explaining...

I added a picture on top of the page, but the navigation bar with recent entries, friends and so on disappeared. How do I fix that?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Maybe it will help if I copy paste the codes Collapse )</table} """; print_comp_footer(); }

Search to see if another user made their layer code public

I realize this is not Component specific, but a looooong time ago someone posted a link in this community to a search tool by LiveJournal-username to see which (if any) of a user's layers are public. The FreeFind searchbox is failing me, I give up, I simply can not re-find that comment/response in this community. Can anyone redirect me to this link?

Also, this would be a useful tool/link for all of the "how do I make my journal look like someoneelse's journal" questions.
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adding background with header

I am so sorry for this unbelievably stupid question but I'm going crazy and I really am not understanding the tutorials.

All I want to do is add a background image to my page, but also have my header image still show up. The only code I have in my theme layer is the margin's for the header and entries. So what code do I need to put in to add a background along with the header?

If you could put it in the easiest way possible that would really help me out.