July 6th, 2005


Okay. So I have a theme layer and a user layer. But when I try to go create a specific style for the two, I get this error:

You have reached your maximum number of styles.

Er. Anyone mind telling me how I could resolve this, step by step? I remember finding some info about it a while back, but it didn't help much. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm a total newbie to the entire S2 customization system.
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Sam&Dean blue

Additional free text box doesn't appear

I've enabled free text and tried creating a new component. I managed to create one free text component. But when I tried creating another one, though everything compiled without any errors, the component didn't appear in my layout. I've gone through tutorials, searched the site, but I haven't found a solution to my problem.

Edit: Just ignore this post, I've figured out what I was doing wrong. Sorry! *blush*
Kyo - Confused

Birthday List?

Is there any way to make a component that will display when someone on your friend's list has a birthday, so that like the login box it's invisible unless the condition is met, and if it is, then it'll say "happy birthday ________"?

Or if not, is there a way to display the five or ten nearest birthdays, kind of like how it is on the LJ Portal page?

Thanks in advance.
Grover - For Pete's Sake!!
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Navigation box help

Is there anyway to edit the coding in this to edit the links that are in there?
I would like to edit the friend's link to match my filters I use. I tried using the "Shrink & Center" tutorial but with the coding I have it removed the border around the box.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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