July 7th, 2005

Six-eyed Blind Monsters

Changing the Width of the Reply Page

To shrink the width of the reply page, you'll need to add the bolded bits to the print_custom_head. The red code is what you change for the width (given in pixels here).

Subject line:
#postform input.textbox {width: 100px; }

Comment box:
#postform textarea.textbox {width: 200px; }

If the extra text in the form area (Don't auto-format; check spelling; etc) still causes your layout to stretch, you'll need to edit the width of the box around the entire comment form:
form#postform {width: 300px; }

The OpenID URL line if the OpenID option is selected:
#postform input#oidurl {width: 100px; }

The username and password lines if [other] is selected under "Logged in user:"
#postform input#username {width: 100px; }
#postform input#password {width: 100px; }
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(no subject)

Alright, I have searched, searched and searched for this and I'm sure it's right there in front of my eyes and I do apologize if it is. I'm looking to lower my journal entries in order to fit my 500 height header in my journal. I know this has to be so very simple but I have yet to figure it out. Anyone out there that can help? Please! 8)

Mixed components on both sides

Hi all. I apologize if this has been covered already but I didn't find anything about it.

What I'd like to do is find a way to "combine" the tutorials on having components on both sides, and having mixed components ie. something like, on right side: profile, navigation, free text and on left side, links, free text, calendar, etc. Is this possible, or can you only have "standard" components on one side, and "custom" components on the other?

Thanks in advance. I'm working on learning this, but I can't figure this one out on my own.
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(no subject)

Hi, I know I have asked this before a couple of entries back, but I am using the code I was told to, and the border around my user pic does not want to disappear... is there a specific place in my coding where I am supposed to put the code? Collapse )