July 9th, 2005

mad, rock red anim


make your layer viewable.
tell us what you are trying to do.
tell us the code that you are trying to insert and where.
tell us that with a comment in the layer saying "THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO PUT THIS BUT NEED HELP"


just giving us a random block of code is UNHELPFUL.

btw. just woke up. byte me.
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Okay, So i've done the manage friends custom groups through Manage>Friends>Edit Custom Friends Groups or whatever, but, then i went to go put the links in the List Links when you click on Manage, but how do i know the link? And then, how do put that in a component? IF you don't understand i'm trying to get what musiquedevie has on her layout. ack!
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Ok sorry about the last post ;)

Ok anyway, I've been getting this error message but I'm not sure it was from what i was trying to do. But I was trying to add a Free text box into my layout using these codes


  function print_free_text(Page p) {
  if ($*free_text_text and $*free_text) {

Ok. So heres the error code



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Aligning everything

On my livejournal (boyinlove) i want everything to be aligned to the right except the background image. I changed the tags to show body style="text-align:right;" and on Internet Explorer its aligned to the right but on Firefox its still centered for me. Anyone know why? Thanks :)

Oh yeah while i'm posting how do you get the icons (tag, edit, memories) to move from the left of the entries to below it on the right like on this community.