July 11th, 2005


recreating the linkbar

Using: $e->print_linkbar(); to call/display the linkbar with my entries puts the (non-navigable) linkbar on the main entries page, like this:

and then automatically adds the green-arrow navigation buttons for the comments view pages, like this:

I am interested in displaying the full linkbar including navigation (the second one with the green arrow buttons) with my entries for the recent entries view page for a different, (not bemocked), journal that is configured to only display one entry at a time on the recent entries view.

I have been looking for a sample of the code to recreate the full (with navigation) linkbar and haven't discovered it in any of the tutorials... Is there a handy S2 name for this "full linkbar" (second one), a'la $e->print_linkbar(); or do I need to recreate the linkbar entirely for my recent entries views?

If I need to recreate the linkbar... can someone point me in the direction of the links/code for the navigation buttons?

tag woe

Hi there. I'm what you might call a tinkerer and a lurker.

Well...my tinkering abilities have fallen short. I'm having a problem printing my tags.
(My layer is here: http://www.livejournal.com/customize/advanced/layersource.bml?id=649128&fmt=html )

What's happening is that if I have specify a mood or music, the tags do print where they're supposed to (in a little box). When I don't, the tags fail to appear. I've done the basic checks, like making sure I've actually tagged the entries. It wouldn't be the first time I've made that kind of mistake... ;) Thank goodness for the bright, shining, brilliant brains collected here. All fixed. :)

The particular block of code I'm talking about is this:
Collapse )

You can see the code in its larger context in my layer, of course. But I figured with the sheer amount of brain power consolidated here, someone might pick up on something within this particular block that I'm just too dense to see. :)

Gurus: please don't laugh at some of the uglier hacks in various other unrelated chunks of code. I really am trying to make it prettier, I promise!
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Hey, I had a quick question. I made an image map that I want to use, but I have a paid account and want to use the image map with the component layout. I have looked everywhere for a code for this, but cannot find one. Is it possible to have an image map with the component layout? I've only been able to find out how to put a header, but my code for my image map doesnt work with that..
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Thank you for all your help so far. Anyways, i tried searching and couldnt find anything. I know its possible since i' seen it on other peoples lj's but how do you make the component flat? So everything isnt rounded. Since the rounded part is an image is there a way to remove that? Thanks :)
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im trying to make a 3rd sidbar to add my entertainment in but it keeps says...

278: }
281: print_comp_header("entertainment"); <-------- red
282: """

284: 285:
lit: passing time

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Okay. The 411. I've been skimming through the entire community and I have yet to find a custom header code. Forgive me. I have read the rules. I know there must be a code placed here somewhere, but I'm getting tired of trying to locate it. There is so much information in this community.

In conclusion: if anyone would be so kind as to direct me to the specific entry where I can find the code, I'd be very grateful. Thanks.
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on my sidebars with the pics where it says 'music' i have 2 lines and that makes my picture be center but how do i make it look even so theres no gap between the pic below it, like wreckable its even with the writing.