July 13th, 2005

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Wanting a header

I just switched to S2 and Component and I have it looking exactly how I want it minus the fact that I want a header image along with the background image. I've looked at the code in the tutorial but where the devil do you post it? I found the place where I can edit layers and it has all the code as set (followed by like say set page_background_image) is there a set header image code of any kind I can simply place in there and does it have to be a certain line? Thank you for any help and I'm sorry to be a bother.
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Font size problem

Okay, I almost have my new theme looking as I want it to, except for two problems. The font is too large in my Contact, filter, and interests components (the music/tv/book components), as well as in the area on the entries page that contains the comment titles (and also where it says "Comments"). I want the font in the components to be 12 pixels (or font size 2, same difference), and the same size for the other area. In short, I want it to look like my current theme. What can I do to fix this?

And here's what the problem looks like: picture of the problem

If that doesn't load, try looking here: overall journal | entry page
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