July 14th, 2005


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I was curious if anyone knew where a tutorial is for the square/box shaped componets?
I went back and look through the community but i cound find anything, i tried looking through memories, but livejournal isnt being nice right now and nothing came up. Please help.
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Adjusting number of comments

Okay, I programmed in college, but it's been about 2 years since I did anything serious. And while I know s1 really well, I never caught on to s2. I've read through the stuff on the community, on livejournal, and on google, but haven't been able to answer my questions. I think this probably means that the answer is that it's not possible, but I'm going to ask anyways because maybe it's that no one has tried before, or that I just plain missed it.

One of the things about component that I love is that you can get the summary of the comments posted on a page on the sidebar. Unfortunately, if you have a lot of comments, you only get the comments from the page posted on that page. Is there a way to get a summary of all the comments posted on an entry on one page? I'd guess that the number of comments per page is hard-coded since it's the same for all the styles, but I wasn't sure about the summary itself.
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I have a quick question. I'm currently using the shrinking and centering with optional header image tutorial, but when I increase the size of my window (I'm on AOL) the boxes increase too. I've looked at some other journals and when I increase my window their boxes stay the same. Is it just me, or is there anything I can look at to make it a fixed size, so it never changes, even when the window increases.

PS I dont post large images, so I dont think that's what makes it change.


Detailed Description.

I do not want my tags in a component on my page. I am just trying to have it look like it does in this community.....here is an example Collapse )

Security Icons.
I would like to stop my security icon from stretching out my date by putting it in the subject. I have only seen tutorials for custom icons. I don't want custom icons. I would like to keep the default livejournal icons just replace them so my date doesn't stretch on my friends only entries..Collapse )

I hope this made a bit more sense than my last post.

thanks kunzite1, you are the best.
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Scrapbook Layout

Just a question- I have a component layout I like on my journal- can I use that in the "scrapbook" (I just discovered the whole photo thing with the paid user account today, sorry, I've never realized that before, lol), or does the scrapbook require totally different layouts?

If so, can anyone tell me where to look for that?