July 19th, 2005


Journal Entry text links (but not other links in the layout)

I want to have the html links in my journal entry text defined as a specific color, different from the color of the links on the page inside components (as the component background color is different from the background color behind my entry text in my layout).

I have found that the following CSS achieves just that for viewing with Firefox, but has no effect in IE:

td.entry a {color: #COLOR;}

Is anybody aware of another way to specify the text of the links embedded in journal entry text?

Tags, Mood Icons, & Music

If you look at my entries and i fill in the tags, music, and mood fields when i go to post they all appear on one line. I do have a part in my code to add a breakline in it however whenever i edit it nothing happens. I commented it all out and there is no spaces between. Any help would be appreacited. :)

edit: i get the changes to reflect now however, unless i fill in all of the fields tags, mood, and music there is no space.

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What is the code to make things like pictures,text..ect
switch off everytime you go refresh or visit again.
Like There is a journal here that has a quote box
and everytime You refresh there is a different

Also, What is the code for a custom cursor?

Thanks a bunch

Edit: How do I change the placement of my moods & music, they're at the bottom. & Is it possible to
change the Music/mood things so they would be "feeling"/"rocking"
something like that.

Sorry for all the questions. :/
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