July 22nd, 2005


Tags don't show up

I used a tutorial to set up my layout (thank you to this comm & its generous members!) as I don't actually understand any of the technical stuff. I just replaced the personal info in the tutorial with my own & by a process of trial & error got it to look the way that I wanted it.
However, now I'm adding tags to my entries but they don't show up in my entires.
I know that they're there 'cus I can edit them. Also, they're visible if I go to one of my friends lj & look at my entry through their friends' page.
So I'm assuming that the problem is with the layout code I'm using, unfortunately I don't understand it enough to figure out the problem.

I asked at lj support & was given this answer:
The tags are not showing up because your custom theme layer overrides the function to print an entry, which is where tag information would be available. The code of this theme layer was most likely written before tags were implemented, and so it does not include the necessary code. If you wish the tags to show up, you will either need to change the code in the custom theme layer, or remove the print_entry function entirely so that your journal uses the default version of the code.

I don't want to lose the way that my layout looks.
Is there anyone who can tell me what I need to add or change to make the tags visible please?
I'd be really grateful, thank you.

Problem solved - thank you! :-)

*comments page.

is there any written code for the comments page that will stop my user name and icon from showing when someone is posting a comment. The reason i ask is cause it stretches out my component. any feedback will be helpful! Collapse )